Mckee’s 37 Road Kill Bug Remover Review

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mckee's 37 review
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If you use your car, occasionally you will end up with splats from bugs and other insects. This is a common experience if you go on long trips or at certain times of the year, especially during spring and fall when there are a lot of insects in the air.

While it is impossible to avoid bug splats from the surface of your car, you can easily eliminate dead insects from damaging your car's paint job. This you can do with special car care products like the Mckee’s 37 Road Kill Bug Remover. You can learn more about it and find out why it is a popular automobile product by reading our comprehensive McKee's 37 review below.

McKee's 37 Review

Finding the right bug remover for your car is no longer a difficult task. With the Mckee’s 37 Road Kill Bug Remover, you get to rid your car off dead bugs that could harden and damage the paint job. It also leaves your car with excellent shine, while it functions as a protective cover for your paint as well.

When the remains from dead bugs and insects are left on the body of your car, the acid remains from the bug can dissolve the paint. This is why investing in a quality product like this one will save you the cost of repainting your car anytime soon.

Who Needs the Mckee’s 37 Road Kill Bug Remover?

The Mckee’s 37 remover is suitable for the automobile owner who takes pride in their vehicle. It is a better option when it comes to removing tough stains compared to car wash soap. This is why you should consider adding one or two to your stock to get rid of those tough stains.

What’s Included?

When you purchase the product, you get the roadkill bug remover from Mckee’s 37. The product contains special enzymes which get to work immediately once you spray it on your car. It is formulated with surfactants that act together to remove stains from the surface of your car.

Overview of Features

If you are still not sold on why your car needs the Mckee’s 37 Road Kill Bug Remover, here are a few features for you to consider.

  • Superior Quality Formula

The Mckee’s 37 Road Kill Bug Remover is made from high-quality ingredients that ensure a clear-coat finish after every use. This is the edge it has over other regular waxing options. It is designed to provide the best cleaning experience while also protecting your car's coat from wear and tear.

  • Easy to Use

Unlike other bug removal methods that involve using engine lubricants or driveway cleaners, the Mckee’s 37 remover is easy to use. The application is as simple as spraying the product on your car's surface and then wiping it off.

You don’t have to worry about rinsing the product off, and you also save yourself the stress of scrubbing the stains off your car surface like other traditional methods.

  • Protects Your Car's Paint

You don’t have to use a harsh product that can damage your car's paint. It can be difficult to find the right product that is safe to use on your paint and gets the job done. With the Mckee’s 37 bug remover, you get to maintain a clear coat always as it is safe to use on glass, chrome, paint, and plastic trims around your vehicle.

  • Removes Tough Stains

Eliminating pesky bug guts from road kills can be a difficult task to carry out with a towel and ordinary car wash soap. The concentrated formula of the Mckee’s 37 bug remover easily dissolves and breaks down bug guts before they can cause permanent damage.

You get to save yourself the cost of getting new paint done due to damage from the acids that get into your paint.


  • Easy to use
  • Eliminates tough stains
  • Protects paint
  • Concentrated formula
  • Excellent sheen


  • Needs frequent application

How to Use the Mckee’s 37 Bug Remover?

Based on our McKee's 37 review, you really don’t need to be an expert at washing cars to be able to use the product. Its concentrated formula makes it easy to apply by mainly spraying the content onto your car surface. To use the product, all you have to do is:

  • First and foremost, you will need to wash the body of your car with a suitable washing soap. We recommend that you use a quality car wash product to remove dust and dirt from your car's surface.
  • Spray the cleaner directly onto the affected areas of your car. Check for stains that don’t come off after you wash the car, and apply more product to that area.
  • After you have sprayed the car, you will need to allow a few minutes for the enzymes to get to work. You should leave it on for up to three minutes.
  • The next step is to wash the affected area thoroughly with a mitt or sponge. This is important to remove tough stains attached to the body of the car.
  • Once you are satisfied with the washing, you can now rinse the car with water.
  • Use a dry clean rag to wipe the car and remove any moisture left on it to reveal an excellent sheen.
  • You might need to repeat this procedure a few times to get rid of tough stains.


To make sure this McKee's 37 review meets all the needs of car owners, we look into other safe and effective alternatives to the McKee’s 37 bug remover. One that we recommend is the Chemical Guys Heavy Duty Wash.

This works both for bugs and debris such as bird droppings and tree sap. It is concentrated, so it requires dilution before use. Thus, it's more cost-effective than the McKee's 37, but more time consuming to use.


Bug and tar stains are some of the most difficult to get out of the car's body. When they are left unattended to, they could lead to the damage of your car paint and cost you a great deal to rectify.

With options such as the McKee’s 37 bug remover, you get the job done easily and quickly, saving yourself the cost of getting a new paint job.

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