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Cordless car polishers are produced all over the globe. Because of this wide variety of corded and cordless car polishers, many people wonder which type is better. These two types may serve the same purpose, but they can coexist on the market for various reasons.

As far as battery-powered car polishers are concerned, they are better suited for tasks in remote locations. These polishes are made to last for a long time. However, their performance generally ends up being a mix between the capacity of the motor and the user's ability to properly use them.

For some customers, the main factor influencing their purchase is having a more powerful motor. The workload of the motor is measured in rotations per minute, also known as RPM. A car will be polished a lot faster if the motor has a higher RPM. When it comes to commercial use, more rotations per minute is desirable.

As far as casual users are concerned, the RPM is not the determining factor. They see more value in a more compact motor. This lowers the price of the car polisher, since the motor is the most expensive part for the manufacturer. Taking all of this into account, let's take a look at the best cordless car polisher options available on the market.

Comparison Chart

Milwaukee M18 Cordless Polisher

Makita XOP02Z Cordless Orbit Polisher

Ryobi P435 Cordless Orbital Polisher

Milwaukee 2438-20 Cordless Polisher

DEWALT DCM848B Cordless Polisher

Best Cordless Car Polisher Reviews

Milwaukee M18 Cordless Polisher

When it comes to cordless, full-size, rotary polishers, the Milwaukee 2738-20 is the first of its kind in the world. It is powered by M18 FUEL technology, making it capable of handling even the most demanding of jobs. Some consider it a must-have in their toolbox.


The Milwaukee 2738-20 is a tool designed for higher-end vehicles. It handles anything from trucks to luxury cars with ease. As far as the color of the car goes, this tool is ideal for darker shades of paint.

One wonderful feature of this power tool is the ability of the user to easily adjust the desired RPM. There is a variable trigger on the Milwaukee 2738-20. Releasing the trigger just a little makes it a breeze for the user to adjust the speed.

This is a lighter tool, but don’t let this be a determining factor, because the performance of this cordless car polisher will surprise you. This tool has been intentionally designed with a lighter weight to provide an ergonomic experience for the user.

The bulk of its weight is centered on the head of the tool. This serves several key purposes. It makes it so that the tool feels more balanced than the standard corded model, and it focuses the weight exactly where the polishing needs to be done.

Because of the well-thought-out design of this tool, the user is not required to add any extra downward force. This, in turn, allows for long hours of work, unaffected by the fatigue of the person operating the tool.

Not having a cord is wonderful when it comes to not leaving marks on a freshly polished car. Also, you can say goodbye to accidental scratches and unnecessary work caused by backtracking.


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    For the work that can be accomplished with this tool, The Milwaukee 2738-20 has a great price to performance ratio
  • As far as overall design goes, the build quality is excellent, making it a great long-term investment
  • Long work hours are made easy because of the carefully designed ergonomics of this machine
  • The adjustable speeds on this tool make it ideal for any kind of job


  • This tool only comes in one color - red
  • The Milwaukee 2738-20 is meant for high-end use, making it less desirable for home users

Makita XOP02Z Cordless Orbit Polisher

This cordless car polisher stands out because of its brushless motor. The tool has a dual-action random orbit coupled with 5 speeds and a unique finish mode. All of this makes the Makita car polisher ideal for the user to adapt to whatever task comes along.


The Makita 18V Cordless 6-inch polisher uses an electronic motor. Regardless of the task at hand, this tool adjusts the required power to the motor to provide the same speed of polish. Because of this wonderful feature, the results are consistent, making it ideal for professionals.

Another plus for the user is the very useful power lock-on switch. This eliminates the need to constantly keep a hand pressed over the trigger during the polishing process.

The producer of the Makita 18V guarantees that, in the case of a battery change, this feature will pose no danger. It has been designed not to power on after a battery change, even if the power lock-on switch is active.

Both the housing of the gear and the battery itself are covered in plastic. This eliminates the risk of damaging sensitive areas on the car. Also, for the sake of accuracy, this tool has a front handle that can be operated with a different hand.

This cordless polishing tool offers two modes: a random orbit with forced rotation and a random orbit with free rotation. The first mode is useful when dealing with harder surfaces. The second mode is ideal when doing fine detail polishing.


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    It is encased in plastic material to avoid unnecessary scratches
  • This polisher features 5 adjustable speeds, which offers a wide amount of control
  • It has an always-on power lock with safety features
  • It is fantastic for both rough and fragile surfaces


  • This tool only comes with two batteries, the one in the tool and one in the charger

Ryobi P435 Cordless Orbital Buffer

The Ryobi P435 buffer is the ideal cordless polisher for casual users. This tool features a 10” pad, making it great for covering larger surfaces in a shorter amount of time.


The Ryobi P435 is a car polisher that does the job at a lower price point, and it does it well. Straight out of the box, it is easy to set up and use. It may not be the choice of professionals, but for a fast polish at home, it gets the job done.

The 10” pad comes with advantages and disadvantages. While it covers larger surfaces than other car polishers, it struggles to get into smaller spaces. At the same time, it offers a swirl-free finish that gives your car that professional shine at a much lower price point.

This tool has one speed, 2500 OPM, or orbits per minute. It may not come with adjustable speeds, but the simple on/off switch makes the user experience a lot more straightforward. This cordless polisher doesn't come with the battery and charger, so it's one of the disadvantages. Both battery and charger are sold separately. 

As a cordless polisher, it can be operated at different locations. With a powerful motor, this buffer maintains optimum performance during extended use. Orbital buffer runs up to 1.5 hours with the 18-Volt one+ lithium+ high capacity battery. 

It also features an elastic band system to keep the bonnets in place, making sure the user of this tool won’t experience unwanted movements of the components.


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    This polishing tool is very affordable for great quality
  • It comes with 2 10”-wide pads
  • Good speed
  • Powerful motor for optimal performance 


  • Battery and charger sold separately
  • The wide pads make it difficult for detailed polishing of smaller areas

Milwaukee 2438-20 Cordless Polisher

This tiny and weightless tool with a good grip and long-lasting battery comes in handy for every little corner of a surface. It has a promising accessory pack for sanding and polishing that can be switched out with other tools.


The Milwaukee M12 Polisher/Sander is a cordless polishing tool. It works with a very durable battery, looks very much like a drill, and is made of plastic and steel. However, don’t let this little cordless car polisher fool you with its size.

The most attractive thing about this tool is its size and weight. It comes with an excellent handgrip design that lets the user have access to the more difficult areas to clean. It is able to easily switch speeds depending on the required task. Working with this product is similar to the experience of using pneumatic tools.

Moreover, not being attached to a hose and compressor is a plus for its agility. Working conditions are further simplified by how easy it is to change out its accessories, and no other tools are required to do so.

This tiny cordless car polisher comes with adjustable speeds. In the polish mode, the speed ranges from 0 to 2,800 RPM. The sanding mode packs even more power, as the speed ranges from 0 to 8,300 RPM.


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    This cordless car polisher has a long-lasting battery
  • Switch-type variable speed trigger comes in handy during long work sessions
  • This tool is light and small, making it easy to maneuver around surfaces
  • The car polisher has a special design with a good hand grip
  • This tool comes with extra accessories for added efficiency


  • The Milwaukee M12 does not have a charger, and it must be purchased separately

DEWALT DCM848B Orbit Polisher

The DeWalt DCM848B 20V MAX XR 5” cordless car polisher is the only one on our list that comes with a side-mounted battery pack. This great design choice makes the tool very ergonomic in the hands of pros and home users alike. What is more, the power is impressive, and it can do a great polishing job.


The highly acclaimed DeWalt build quality is very well demonstrated in this cordless car polisher. Right out of the box, the high-quality rubber case makes it ideal for minimizing surface imperfections. Plus, it stays in the user's hand without the risk of accidental dropping. It also has a front grip complemented by the side handle.

This cordless car polisher is perfect for any kind of surface. The speed of the tool is adjustable between 2,000 – 5,500 orbits per minute. It comes with the option to manually control the speed or lock it at the desired speed. This feature is great for detailed work when choosing to handle it manually.

It is also great for larger surfaces that require both hands when choosing to place it in lock mode. The DeWalt DCM848B has preset speeds, but it can also be finely adjusted, and it offers a range of 15 different speeds.

The motor of this high-quality tool is brushless, which offers optimal performance for long work sessions. Coupled with the side-mounted battery, it offers excellent ergonomics, as well.

This cordless car polisher is great if you are planning to use it at home, on a large truck, or even on a small sports car. It can also fit in any professional setting, as it is ideal for a large number of cars that need to be dealt with quickly.


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    This cordless car polisher has the best build quality on the market
  • It has a robust rubber casing that protects the tool and the car
  • The speed of the pad has a wide range and is easily adjustable for any task
  • The design of this polisher is by far the most ergonomic out there


  • Batteries are not included with this product, and they need to be purchased separately


In closing, if you are looking for the best polisher, we recommend the DeWalt DCM848B. It gets the job done, and it feels great to use. It is a fantastic cordless car polisher that is perfect for freely moving around your car.

If you are on a budget, we recommend the Ryobi P435 orbital buffer. The large pad makes short work of large surfaces.

On top of that, being a cordless tool, it is portable and convenient for outdoor use. This tool may not be ideal for detailed polishing, but it offers a great look for your car at a very low price.

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