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There is perhaps nothing more disappointing and heartbreaking to car enthusiasts than finding a scratch on your car. Not only do they instantly decrease the value of your vehicle quite drastically and make your car look awful, but they can also be a real pain to remove if you do not have a tool such as a car scratch remover.

There are hundreds of ways in which your car can become scratched, be it from a minor accident or hazardous terrain, or even intentionally made by another person. One thing is clear, though - nobody wants a scratch on their car. Luckily, tools such as car scratch removers are available to help make life a little easier.

We have compiled a list of the best car scratch removers to help you get rid of those pesky scratches. So without further ado, let's take a look at what these removers have on offer for you and your car.

Comparison Chart

Carfidant Scratch and Swirl Remover

GLISTON Scratch Swirl Remover

MEGUIAR’S G190200 Quik Scratch Eraser Kit

3M Scratch Removal System

Fenyx Products Car Scratch Remover

Best Car Scratch Remover Reviews

Carfidant Scratch and Swirl Remover

The Carfidant scratch and swirl remover is one of the best scratch and mark removers out there. The kit comes with a buffer pad included, and the compound is specially formulated to allow for the easy removal and erasure of years of wear and tear from your car’s paint job and overall appearance. However, it is important to note that if your car has scratches that are deeper than just surface level, the Carfidant remover kit may not be as effective.


The Carfidant scratch and swirl remover not only removes scratches and marks but also restores the shine and gloss of your car’s paint job, restoring it to its original radiance. The specially formulated rubbing compound removes oxidation, water spots, and other unsightly contaminants from your paint job. The marks can be easily buffed away by hand using the included buffer pad.

This car scratch remover is formulated with professional-grade, but easy to use chemicals to ensure that there are not any additional colors or odors. The formula is also suitable for use on any color of paint, whether it is a clear coat, single-stage paint, or multi-stage paint.

The Carfidant scratch and swirl remover kit is manufactured to rescue your vehicle from small imperfections like scratches and swirls, as well as a wide variety of other marks that are caused by the environment and overall human error and carelessness. It is super easy to use and can be applied either with an orbital or simply by hand.


  • check
    Removes scratches, swirls, and other marks
    Safe to apply with hands
  • Includes buffer pad for comfortable use
  • Safe for use on all paint finishes
  • Can be used with an electric buffer
  • Perfect for removing superficial scratches


  • Requires periodic reapplication on deeper scratches
  • Does not affect intense scratches
  • Buffer pad is small

Gliston Scratch Swirl Remover

The Gliston scratch remover kit is manufactured to remove almost all kinds of car scratches. It is formulated to remove light scratches, scuffs, swirls, blemishes, and a multitude of other marks. This scratch remover from Gliston features a special compound that is capable of removing oxidation, car scratches, and many other contaminants from your car’s paint job.


This scratch remover boasts a professional quality while being catered to DIY car enthusiasts. There is no mixing of chemicals involved; simply pour the compound onto your favorite car buffer or microfiber cloth and rub over the mark or scratch several times. The Gliston scratch remover helps you save time and money by preventing any damage from spreading and ensuring that scratches never return.

For lighter blemishes and scratches, place an appropriate amount of the wax onto a soft towel or microfiber cloth, then wipe down the area with the imperfection for about two minutes, or until you can see that the scratch is no longer visible. For deeper scratches, it is recommended that you lightly sand the area first, then repeatedly wipe the area down with the wax, ensuring that you use a substantial amount of force.


  • check
    Reduces the appearance of swirls and scratches
  • Restores gloss and shine on damaged car surfaces
  • Quickly and effectively removes scratches and swirls
  • Easily removed after application
  • Leaves paint job looking more brilliant than before
  • Prevents marks from returning


  • Only suited for superficial scratches
  • Not very useful for removing deeper blemishes
  • Does not work on marks that cover a large area

Meguiar Quik Scratch Eraser Kit

The Meguiar Quick scratch eraser kit provides you with pretty much everything you could possibly need to remove light scratches and paint defects with as little effort as possible. All you need is a standard household drill to attach the provided buffer to, and get ready to bid farewell to pesky scratches, scuffs, and paint transfer marks that keep your car from looking its best.


A Meguiar 4-inch eraser pad comes included in this scratch remover kit and uses the power of your desired drill to remove marks with very little effort quickly. The combination of the specially formulated scratch removal compound and the unique Scratch Eraser Pad allows you to safely polish paint, as well as remove blemishes and defects such as scuff marks, light scratches, fingernail marks, paint transfer, and several other unsightly blots.

The ScratchX 2.0 formula contains mild microscopic abrasives that aid in effectively removing light blemishes while simultaneously enhancing the shine of your paint by polishing it, all without harming your vehicle’s paint job. ScratchX is best used with a microfiber cloth to achieve the most radiant gloss possible.

Before you begin using the Meguiar scratch removal kit, be sure to shake all of the products well. Try to work on a surface that is cool and clean, and preferably in the shade if at all possible. It is essential that you mount the included Scratch Eraser Pad to the drill of your choice following the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Make sure that you grip your drill with both hands at all times, and keep the pad flat against the paint, to avoid slipping and injuring yourself or further damaging your vehicle. You should also never hold the pad in one place on the car for any amount of time; instead, always keep it moving. Allowing the pad to stay in one place for any length of time can cause the paint to overheat and will result in some damage.


  • check
    Minimal effort required to remove paint defects
  • Compatible with a drill to remove marks even faster
  • Scratch eraser pad included
  • Comprehensive kit - no extra purchases required
  • Safe for use on clear coats and all glossy paints
  • Leaves paint shinier than before


  • Must be used in the shade
  • Only works on light, superficial scratches
  • Included buffer pad requires a drill to use

3M Scratch Removal System

The 3M scratch removal system is one of the best car scratch removers on the market today. It is effective at eliminating small defects like minor scuffs and scratches by using a process of sanding, compounding, and polishing the clear coat on your vehicle. This scratch removal kit comes with everything you need to get the job done quickly and effectively. All you need are some essential household items, as well as a standard household drill.


The 3M scratch removal system offers users top of the range, specialty scratch-repair tools, as well as a step by step guide on using the scratch removal kit. This kit is comprised of a unique three-stage system of sanding, compounding, and polishing car paint jobs, which is used to remove the defects that may affect the thin outer coat of your vehicle’s finish.

This kit is capable of removing small imperfections that are created by keys, shrubs, tree branches, fingernails, wash rags, clothing, and brushes commonly used to wash cars. It is especially useful in areas of your vehicle that receive a lot of contact throughout the day, such as door panes, around door handles, trunks, and hoods.

The 3M scratch removal system is based on a straightforward three-step approach to removing scratches. The first step involves sanding the scratch with the 3000 grit sandpaper that comes included in the kit, in order to reduce it. The second step is the application of the 3M rubbing compound to refine the scratched surface. The third and final step involves restoring and polishing the damaged area with the help of the 3M polishing pad, as well as the scratch remover compound.

An extra optional step is to apply a coat of automotive wax over the now-repaired area as a way to protect the new finish. Most folks do not know that you are actually removing a very thin layer of your car’s clear coat paint when you use a scratch remover, so this step is recommended to add another layer of protection to the newly repaired area.


  • check
    Guaranteed to remove scuffs and light paint scratches
  • Features unique three-tiered repair system
  • No additional products or items required
  • Comprehensive kit with all you need
  • Microfiber cloth, spray bottle, and drill included
  • Improves paint appearance after use


  • Must be used with a household drill
  • Flexible packaging can feel flimsy
  • Sandpaper becomes worn down and dull very quickly

Fenyx Scratch and Swirl Remover

This car scratch and swirl remover from Fenyx helps you to restore your car quickly, thanks to its easy to use, straightforward formulation. This scratch remover is suitable for use by both professional mechanics and DIY car enthusiasts alike, making it a must-have in any tool kit.


This scratch remover from Fenyx is of professional grade and quality, and is formulated, produced, and bottled in Florida, USA. This means that it is one of the best scratch removers for completely restoring your car so that you won’t even know there was a paint defect in the first place.

The Fenyx scratch and swirl remover is formulated to be the most effective at removing more superficial scratches rather than more profound paint defects. If you are finding scratches that can be felt with your fingernail, it is recommended that you consult with a professional mechanic instead of attempting to restore it yourself.

Before you use the Fenyx scratch and swirl remover, make sure that you shake the bottle and also thoroughly wash and dry your vehicle. Ensure that you remove any superficial dirt and debris, such as brake dust or mud, from the clear coat of your car before using the scratch remover.

Squeeze out three tiny, penny-sized drops of the scratch remover onto the applicator that comes included, or onto a microfiber cloth of your choice. If you have one, you can even use an orbital or a pad that can be attached to a standard household drill. Then, apply the scratch remover to the painted area of your car in an overlapping, circular motion for about three to five minutes.

Continue to work the product into the surface and buff it in until the scratch remover becomes barely visible. Then, use a separate clean and dry microfiber cloth to remove the excess product and further polish the newly restored area.


  • check
    Removes unsightly paint defects in record time
  • Is easy to use, even for beginners
  • Can be used by DIY car enthusiasts and pro mechanics
  • Easily removed after use
  • Can be used with a variety of applicators
  • Capable of use with a drill


  • Blemishes tend to reappear after the car is washed
  • Rain and water can cause blemishes to reappear
  • Not effective on paint defects that are not superficial


Like most things, there is not one car scratch and swirl remover that beats all others. Anyone who tells you that there is has likely missed the point entirely.

The best scratch remover for you is probably the worst scratch remover that someone else has used. It mainly comes down to preference and what you would like the product to do. Hopefully, this review has made it a little bit easier to find what works best for you.

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